Tyton Technology

A proprietary technology platform with applications across the food chain.
Our proprietary Protocol B process discovers and cultivates thousands of previously “unculturable” and unidentifiable microbial strains in days.
Our breakthrough MixoFerm fermentation process delivers higher product-yield.
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99% of the gut microbiome organisms are anaerobic (grow in oxygen-free atmosphere). Using Protocol B, WDL is continually mining the microbiome for novel organisms with remarkable characteristics including growth rate, metabolite production, and amino acid profile.
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During fermentation part of the sugar feedstock is converted to CO2 – it results in a nice beer head, but it wastes valuable feedstock. WDL’s patented MixoFerm technology produces little-to-no CO2, thus converting more of the sugar into products.


Leveraging existing production facilities and feedstock.
brewed foods fermentation
Anaerobic fermentation
(as in beer and ethanol)
brewed foods mass production
First mass production plant, Little Falls, MN
Corn feedstock