Press Releases

White Dog Labs’ natural butyrate delivers biosecurity, growth benefits and significant return - MiruTyton™, WDL’s natural butyrate fermentation soluble, substantially reduces prevalence of Salmonella and Campylobacter in challenged broilers in addition to improving Feed Conversion Ratio and weight gain, when delivered in solid feed or drinking water.

Cargill, White Dog Labs agreement to deliver scalable, sustainable feed for aquaculture customers - The agreement secures production of ProTyton™, White Dog’s new single-cell protein

White Dog Labs announces growth benefits for weaning pigs - Preliminary studies at University of Nebraska - Lincoln demonstrate that MiruTyton™, WDL’s naturally produced butyrate, increases weight gain and improves feed efficiency of weaning pigs.

White Dog Labs announces growth benefits for broiler poultry - MiruTyton™, WDL’s naturally produced butyrate, improves Feed Conversion Ratio while increasing growth rate 

North Carolina State University researchers to disclose novel in ovo application of BioTyton, White Dog Labs’ new probiotics product

Invest Nebraska announces investment in White Dog Labs, WDL’s premium protein product, ProTyton™, complements ethanol production 

White Dog Labs announces first production plant for its aquaculture feed ingredient, ProTyton™ - Plant to be built in collaboration with Midwest Renewable Energy in Sutherland, NE with shipments expected to commence in Q4, 2019

White Dog Labs announces additional health benefits for shrimp aquaculture - ProTyton™, WDL’s feed ingredient, Counters EMS (Early Mortality Syndrome) in shrimp  

White Dog Labs announces remarkable health benefits for shrimp aquaculture - ProTyton™, WDL’s feed ingredient, increases post larval shrimp survival and weight gain

White Dog Labs Israel and AdvanceBio announce collaboration on a new Clostridia based technology - Collaboration is supported by a BIRD Energy grant

Fluid Quip Process Technologies announces the largest Clean Sugar Technology™ order to date

White Dog Labs orders the technology to produce ProTyton™, a premium Single Cell Protein for Aquaculture

White Dog Labs Announces Key Strategic Collaborations

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Announces Integrated Biorefinery Optimization Projects

Start-Up White Dog Labs Wins DOE Grant For Technology That Could Dramatically Increase Biochemicals Yield While Decreasing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

DOE Announces $10 Million for Innovative Bioenergy Research and Development

White Dog Labs recognized: DOE Announces $10 Million for Innovative Bioenergy Research and Development