Natural Butyrate Feed Additives

MiruTyton™ is concurrently produced with ProTyton.  MiruTyton is a fermentation solubles product composed largely of ammonium butyrate.  Butyrate is a short-chained volatile fatty acid that is significantly produced by microbial fermentation in the large intestine of humans and animals. It serves as a primary nutrient to specialty cells in the colon called colonocytes. Butyrate also positively modulates multiple functions of gut cells including gene expression, cell differentiation, tissue development, immune modulation, oxidative stress reduction, and diarrhea control.

The importance of butyrate for maintaining a healthy gut is well established in humans and animals, and additives have garnered much attention to improve nutrition and combat disease in both humans and animals. In regards to livestock, butyrates are increasing being used to mitigate the disease challenges being faced with the phasing out of antibiotics in livestock operations.

However, broad and robust use is significantly limited by cost and availability of natural solutions.  Products today are largely petroleum derived and very expensive, thus reducing their use in more livestock feeds even through animal welfare and reduction of antibiotics stand to significantly benefit.

MiruTyton is a demonstrated and natural solution with unprecedented economic return for many livestock, including the poultry and swine applications shown:

  • Improving nutrition of broiler chicken feeds by nourishing the poultry gut and improving health.

  • Improving weight gain, reducing diarrhea and minimizing stress for transition period of weaning pigs to solid feeds.