Bryan Tracy, Ph.D. - CEO and Co-Founder

Bryan Tracy, PhD, is the CEO and co-founder of White Dog Labs, Inc. (WDL). Previously he was CEO and co-founder of Elcriton, which was acquired in 2014. Bryan is an expert in genetic engineering of bacteria and fermentation process development with numerous peer-reviewed academic publications and over 35 awarded or pending patents. He previously worked in the Optimization Department at Novozymes (Franklinton, NC), and served as supplemental faculty at the University of Delaware. Additionally, he has served as a technology to market consultant for the Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency, is a founding member of the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Biochemical Technology Leadership Roundtable, and is current board chair of the Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance. Bryan is equally passionate about public service and youth development, whereby he serves on the board of the Forum for the Advancement of Minorities in Engineering (FAME), is an inaugural mentor in the Delaware Youth Leadership Network and is a Leadership Delaware fellow. Bryan received a BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from North Carolina State University, and a PhD in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from Northwestern University. 


Shawn Jones, Ph.D. - Director of Molecular and Microbiology

Shawn Jones, PhD, is the Director of Molecular and Microbiology at White Dog Labs, Inc. (WDL) and oversees all strain development activities. Previously, he was a Research Scientist at Elcriton specializing in genetic tool development for clostridial species, specifically for thermophilic and acetogenic strains. Shawn has worked in both academic and industrial environments for over ten years and is an expert on strain and fermentation development, metabolic engineering, microbial cell culture, and genetic engineering with numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications. He served as a joint lecturer in a biochemical engineering course at the University of Delaware and is currently a mentor in an NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. Shawn received a BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from North Carolina State University and a PhD from Northwestern University.



Alon Karpol, PhD, is the General Manager of White Dog Labs Israel and supervises probiotic Research and Development activities. Additionally, Alon oversees the regulatory aspects of WDL products. Previously, he served as the CEO of Designer Energy, which developed new tools for the hydrolysis of cellulose biomass for 2nd generation biofuels and biochemicals. Alon specializes in microbiology of anaerobic microorganisms, specifically on fermentation and growth of the thermophilic and mesophilic Clostridia class. He has served as a consultant for Amai proteins – a startup in the Fundtech industry. Alon received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in microbiology from Tel Aviv University (Israel), and a PhD from Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel).

Randy Phillips, Ph.D., P.E. - Director of Fermentation

Randy Phillips, PhD, has twenty five years of industry and academic experience in renewable chemical and biofuel technology development, scale-up and commercial deployment. His experience includes discovery of biochemical mechanisms for production of fuel and chemicals via bacterial conversion of synthesis gas, and the design and operation of an integrated gasification/fermentation process in a chemical plant environment. Randy is a technical expert in Clostridial mechanisms of fermentation and their application in continuous industrial production. Randy previously led design construction and operation of the Bioengineering Resources, Inc. pilot plant for conversion of biomass and waste materials to acetic acid and ethanol via synthesis gas. The process was scaled to commercial production of ethanol in a DOE supported plant built by INEOS in Vero Beach, Florida. Randy received a PhD in Biosystems Engineering from Oklahoma State University for further development of process control strategies in syngas fermentation with additional patent applications. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (Arkansas) and holds BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arkansas.

Aharon (Ari) Eyal, Ph.D. - CSO and Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

Ari Eyal, PhD, is a Professor of Applied Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Co-Founder and CTO of Eyal Consultants. Ari is a world famous chemist with over 30 years of experience in the fields of clean-tech, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, and is the author of some 80 scholarly publications and inventor on over 250 patents and patent applications as well as around 140 unpublished industrial invention disclosures. The rights to most of his inventions have been acquired by industrial firms. Ari has served in a number of positions, including as a consultant and senior scientific advisor for multinational corporations and as a manager of R&D, and has participated in industrial collaborations with dozens of firms, startups and venture funds from around the world.