Carbohydrate inputs can be simple sugars such as glucose from corn, disaccharides such as sucrose from sugar cane, mixed sugars produced from biomass hydrolysis, glycerol from biodiesel production, or even acid whey from cheese and yogurt processing.


Gas inputs are equally as diverse including syngas, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide (CO) from industrial waste gases.  Syngas and hydrogen can be produced from a myriad of inputs including biomass, municipal solids waste and natural gas. 


Accordingly, MixoFerm enables a unique opportunity to vary the ratios and compositions of biobased and gas feedstock inputs to adapt to feedstock market changes, geographic supply and regulatory compliance.  By providing technology owners with our proprietary FlexFeedstock process, they are able to adapt and change their feedstocks for their fermentation products according to current market economics. The FlexFeedstock process provides the owners with an adaptable process to hedge against market and regulatory uncertainties throughout the useful lifetime of a production facility, help mitigate year-to-year fluctuations in plant economics, and drive towards greatest profitability.


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