Fermentative production of petrochemical drop-ins and fuels also ushers in a new era of chemical separation.  Petroleum processing commonly employs distillation to separate different organic chemicals from a complex mixture of organics, i.e., petroleum.  However, fermentation produces organic chemicals in large volumes of water.  Consequently, distillation may require too much energy to separate out the desired product, and other fermentation by-products and components may introduce separation challenges that were not previously dealt with in the petrochemical industry.  Moreover, fermentation is susceptible to contamination by undesired microorganisms.

Accordingly, White Dog Labs has developed and scaled novel liquid-liquid extraction technologies that demonstrate four significant bioprocessing advantages:

  • Energy efficient due to an innovative heat-pump strategy

  • Tunable fractionation of other fermentation components

  • Creates and maintains anti-septic processing conditions

  • Limited selectivity for amino acids and carbohydrates such that large recycles (i.e., “backsets") can be realized in production


WDL has developed a exciting family of patent protected extraction technologies, and has advanced them from proof of concept to our our owned and operated demonstration facility that can process up to 3 tons of fermentation broth per hour.