White Dog Labs has made a major investment to significantly scale both MixoFerm and our proprietary extraction technologies.  Our facilities in New Castle, DE are capable of scaling batch and continuous fermentation process to 1,000 – 18,000L scale.  Our facilities also include distillation and liquid-liquid extraction that can handle several tons of material per hour.


ProTyton™ Commercialization:

WDL has partnered with The Center for Aquaculture Technologies Canada to evaluate ProTyton, an advanced nutrition protein ingredient in the form of Single Cell Protein (SCP). ProTyton is composed of anaerobically derived Clostridia, and aims to deliver performance, sustainability and health benefits.  ProTyton, with its high protein and essential amino acids content, was “found to be a nutritional salmon feed ingredient even at high inclusion levels,” said Andre Dumas - Director of Fish Nutrition at CATC in PEI, Canada. ProTyton is a sustainable replacement to fishmeal, and also being considered as an advance nutrition ingredient in terrestrial animal feeds.

Commercialization photo 1.jpg


Biochemicals Commercialization:

WDL has partnered with Air Liquide to develop biochemicals based on WDL’s genetically engineered Clostridia and MixoFerm technology. Air Liquide, the world’s leader in gases, will contribute its expertise to scale-up MixoFerm, which increases product yield from sugar by adding hydrogen or syngas to the fermentation. “Air Liquide’s collaboration with WDL fits our R&D strategy of
developing sustainable technologies. Leveraging scientific and startup ecosystems allows us to deliver new customer-
centric solutions,” said Olivier Letessier, VP R&D for Air Liquide.